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Membership Service Highlights:

Our membership trade specialists will:

  • Apply cleaning solution to tile and grout
  • High pressure rinse and suction to remove built-up dirt and grime
  • Apply sealant to keep the grout clean longer
  • Remove and replace caulk in bathrooms and kitchen areas (may have additional cost)

Service Overview:

Tiled areas are designed to be waterproof, protecting your walls and counters in your kitchens and bathrooms, and the floors throughout your house. But peeling or cracked caulking and cracked grout can seriously affect performance. Cleaning tile grout protects tiles from being broken down by mildew, grime or moisture. Caulking protects the edges and joins of tiled areas by stopping water from getting behind the seal. Some types of tile, including stone and mosaic, require regular maintenance and specialized cleaning.

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential:

Ceramic tile is extremely durable and requires regular cleaning, especially the grout. Experts recommend cleaning tile grout regularly because grout-especially in showers and on floors-collects grime on a daily basis. Cleaning grout prevents discoloration and lengthens the useful life of the tiled area. Time and weather will shrink and dry caulking so that it no longer provides a good seal. Routine maintenance on caulking around tubs and sinks, inside showers and on countertops is necessary to prevent long-term water damage resulting from water getting behind the tiled area and causing rot and other issues. Replacing cracked or blackened caulking can make your kitchen or bathroom look like new.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Damp mop or broom floors regularly.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

Helpful Hints:

  • If your tiles are higher than the grout, you will need a mop that can get into the grout. Sponge mops will not work well.

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Terms and Conditions

Service limited to 100 square feet of tile clean and reseal, OR 5 linear feet of caulk removal and recaulking. First call back for dirty tile or grout or missing/uplifting caulk is free, additional call backs on performance are $15.00 each to cover transport cost. 12-month limit on callbacks. Callbacks are limited to problems related to the maintenance service and does not cover additional damage however caused. If Alltegra are called back under false information, or if the callback is for any other reason than poor cleaning or poor caulk replacement, an additional service charge will be applied. Additional work not . Any repair work requested by the client at the time of first service will be charged at $85 an hour and billed in 15-minute increments. Other services not listed may have additional fees. Maximum of 30 minutes will be used for additional repairs or work during a tile cleaning maintenance visit. Return visits for repairs and other work have a 1-hour minimum. Damage caused by our actions will be remedied by repairing or replacing the damaged part as needed. Guarantee is for one year if properly maintained by Alltegra. Any home system and its components will need to be replaced or repaired to be brought back to standard working order before any Alltegra guarantees or warranties can be put in force. Guarantees do not cover existing damage and normal wear and tear. Customer retains full ownership of their household systems and components and must act responsibly for those systems. Spills must be wiped up immediately and tile surfaces kept clean on a regular basis.