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Membership Service Highlights:

Our membership trade specialists will:

  • Clean the refrigerator coils (under or behind the unit) and the drip pan
  • Clean the range hood vent filter
  • Generally cleaning your major appliances (cook top assemblies, oven door, etc.)
  • Clean the dishwasher pump screens, soap dispenser compartment, and spray arm holes, removing hard water
  • Add dishwasher cleaner to disinfect, ensure optimal cleaning and prevent build up in the interior
  • Inspect all laundry connections, such as at water hoses, gas lines, and electric cords for proper attachment
  • Sanitize the garbage disposal
  • Replace water filters
  • Replace burned out bulbs in appliances

Service Overview:

Your major appliances, such as your washing machine, refrigerator, and stove, take most of the work out of your home life. Unfortunately, appliances break down all too often, mostly just after the warranty expires. Regular upkeep of the appliances will help to keep them running efficiently, extend their life, and reduce problems.

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential:

Appliances have a tendency to falter at the most inopportune time, which can be very frustrating. Basic maintenance will help to keep your appliances running smoothly, and if you're like most homeowners, there's lots of maintenance you should be doing, but just never get around to, like cleaning the coils on your refrigerator or replacing the water filter.

Member Responsibilities:

Helpful Hints:

  • If you're going to be away for several months, pour an ounce of cooking oil into the puddle of standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher to keep the water from evaporating. This helps prevent the rubber parts from drying out and shrinking during the long lay-up.
  • The lint should be cleaned out of the trap on the dryer at least every other time a load is dried.
  • You can help keep a garbage disposal odor-free by periodically throwing in half of a lemon or orange and running the unit with warm water or by adding a cup of ice cubes made out of vinegar and running the unit with cool water.
  • Do not spray anything into the holes where the door latch is inserted or anywhere around the touchpad as this can result in internal short circuits and costly damage to your microwave.

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Terms and Conditions

Services for each appliance are limited one of each type of major appliance: one cooker, one stove, one refrigerator, one washer, one dryer, one garbage disposal, one stand-alone water filter. General cleaning of appliances are limited one of each type of major appliance: one cooker, one stove, one refrigerator, one washer, one dryer. Additional appliances can be serviced at $20 per appliance. Water filter replacement is limited to two filters. All bulbs, filters and other parts to be supplied by the homeowner. If these parts are not present at the time of service, the service will be counted as completed, unless the parts were previously ordered from Alltegra. First call back for poor cleaning is free, additional call backs on performance are $15.00 each to cover transport cost. 12-month limit on callbacks. Callbacks are limited to poor cleaning of appliances as delineated above and do not cover additional damage however caused or parts supplied by Homeowner. If Alltegra are called back under false information, or if the callback is for any other reason than poor performance an additional service charge will be applied. Additional work not . Any repair work requested by the client at the time of first service will be charged at $85 an hour and billed in 15-minute increments. Other services not listed may have additional fees. Maximum of 30 minutes will be used for additional repairs or work during an appliance maintenance visit. Return visits for repairs and other work have a 1-hour minimum. Damage caused by our actions will be remedied by repairing or replacing the damaged part as needed. For one (1) year from the date of invoice, Alltegra will repair free of charge defects in workmanship performed pursuant to the signed invoice. There are no other guarantees expressed or implied, and there is no liability for consequential damages of any nature or kind. Guarantee is for labor only. Materials are not included. Any home system and its components may need to be replaced or repaired to be brought back to standard working order before any Alltegra guarantees or warranties can be put in force. Guarantees do not cover existing damage and normal wear and tear. Customer retains full ownership of their appliances and household systems and components and must act responsibly for those systems. Keep all appliance surfaces clean. Do not misuse appliances.