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Membership Service Highlights:

Our membership trade specialists will:

  • Replace all bulbs in ceilings over 15ft
  • Properly dispose of light bulbs
  • Check for faults
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replace batteries on detectors
  • Check fire extinguishers, recommend to replace or recharge as needed
  • Be aware of any fire sprinkler heads, control valves, piping or test valves that are leaking
  • Be sure that none of the fire sprinkler heads have been painted or are bent, blocked or damaged
  • Ensure all systems are operational
  • Clean fan blades
  • Balance blades
  • Clean the blower wheel, housing, and grille grease if required
  • Check switches- not to be buzzing or warm to the touch

Service Overview:

Included in this service are: light bulbs in high ceilings (over 15 feet), smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinkler heads, and ceiling fans. Sometimes these items are out-of-sight, out-of-mind and get passed up for regular maintenance, but it is very important that they all are looked at or maintained at least once per year.

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential:

High placed light bulbs are somewhat difficult to replace when burned out without ladders and/or specialized equipment. Life safety equipment, such as fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers should be checked at least annually and batteries changed at the same time. Ceiling fans can become unbalanced and start wobbling or making funny noises as time goes on and the dust and grime starts to build up. Regular maintenance is essential to the proper operation of all these items.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Do not ever paint over any type of fire sprinkler appliance.
  • Keep smoke detectors and fire sprinklers free of obstructions.
  • Original installer should test system per local code requirements.

Helpful Hints:

  • Remember that ceiling fans run both counterclockwise, to create a cool breeze in the summer; and clockwise, to push down rising heat in winter.
  • You can actually buy "Smoke-in-a-Can" to test your smoke alarms.

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Terms and Conditions

Limit of 20 light bulbs will be replaced. Correct bulbs must be present at time of service-either provided by the homeowner, or purchased through Alltegra at least 1 week prior to the service. Up to 5 smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors will be serviced. Batteries may be charged extra or may be supplied by the member at the time of service. Up to 3 ceiling fans serviced. Extra fans can be serviced for $10 a fan. All materials, such as light bulbs and batteries, are extra. First call back for poor workmanship is free, additional call backs on performance are $15.00 each to cover transport cost. 12-month limit on callbacks. Callbacks are limited to poor workmanship or damage related to the maintenance service and does not cover additional damage however caused. If Alltegra are called back under false information, or if the callback is for any other reason than poor performance an additional service charge will be applied. Additional work not . Any repair work requested by the client at the time of first service will be charged at $85 an hour and billed in 15-minute increments. Other services not listed may have additional fees. Maximum of 30 minutes will be used for additional repairs or work during a service visit. Return visits for repairs and other work have a 1-hour minimum. Damage caused by our actions will be remedied by repairing or replacing the damaged part as needed. Guarantee is for one year if properly maintained by Alltegra. For one year from the date of service, Alltegra will repair free of charge defects in workmanship performed. There are no other guarantees expressed or implied, and there is no liability for consequential damages of any nature or kind. Guarantee is for labor only. Materials are not included. Any home system and its components may need to be replaced or repaired to be brought back to standard working order before any Alltegra guarantees or warranties can be put in force. Guarantees do not cover existing damage and normal wear and tear. Customer retains full ownership of their household systems and components and must act responsibly for those systems. Alltegra service is designed to assist the homeowner and to support third-party systems, and cannot be held responsible for any damage or any loss of property or life caused by lack of operation of those systems at time of need.