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Membership Service Highlights:

Our membership trade specialists will:

  • Rooter ten drains in your home including sink, bath and shower drains
  • Clean the mainline drain from the house to the street- up to 100 feet
  • Inspect for good working order all shut-off valves; piping under sinks for leaks, damage and corrosion
  • Clean the traps with our drain equipment
  • Check for proper operation of all toilets
  • Our skilled plumbers will offer you proactive advice for your drain maintenance
  • Free callback in the event of any problems or issues
  • One year guarantee - clog free if properly maintained by Alltegra
  • Other methods and solutions available upon request

Service Overview:

There are a variety of different drains in your home that need to be kept clean so that they work properly. Grease, soap, food and other waste can take their toll, making your drains clog and run more slowly over time. In order to extend the life of your drain system you should regularly clear and snake all your bathroom and kitchen sink drains to maintain existing drainage flow. This will prevent further permanent sludge build-up.

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential:

Out of sight is often out of mind, but food and other waste only travels down a drain line a few feet before being absorbed into existing sludge, which is similar to thick motor oil or pudding batter. Over a period of 12 months, if not removed, the sludge literally begins to turn into brick and the inside of the pipes permanently become smaller. If your drains are 30 years old or older, the drainpipes under your house are probably about 75% permanently closed off and they must be cleaned yearly to avoid closing off entirely. Once that happens you will need to jack hammer your floor to replace the drainpipes under the concrete foundation. Younger drains will be slowly decreasing in diameter and effectiveness every year, but with yearly maintenance to remove the residue, your drains will stay the same diameter for life. Yearly maintenance can also warn you of other issues such as corrosion, underground breakages and roots that can cause significant harm in water damage.

Member Responsibilities:

  • After the drains are cleaned by your membership trade specialist, be prepared for new clogs to appear during the next thirty days. As the old sludge near the clog is removed the new wall of exposed sludge begins to absorb water and may collapse, which sometimes creates a new clog. Call us immediately so we can reopen the drain.
  • To help keep drains clear, pour a kettle full of boiling water down the sink or bathtub drain once a month.
  • Apply drain enzyme product and root killer to the drain system monthly, if directed by your member trade specialist.

Helpful Hints:

  • Consider putting a strainer in the kitchen and bathroom sinks to stop hair, soap, cereal, and other objects from going down the drains.
  • If a sink has not been used for a while, you may notice the drain smells bad. The P-trap (the portion of the pipes under the sink that prevents smells from coming back up the drain) may have dried up. Simply run the sink for several seconds to refill the P-trap with water and see if that eliminates the smell.
  • To avoid smelly sink drains, try to use a small hand plunger to shake loose any items that are causing the foul smells.
  • A garbage disposal is not a true trash disposal, it clogs when a lot of food is put down the drain without sufficient water to wash it down. Water to food ratio should be 5-1 to help push the waste down the drain.
  • Never put potato peels down your waste disposal as they are waterproof and can quickly lead to clogs.
  • The only things you should ever flush down a toilet are the toilet water, human waste, and toilet paper. Never pour grease down your drain.

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Terms and Conditions

Up to 10 drains and traps in standard service call and includes: sink drains, shower and tub drains, and one cleanout for main line from house to street- up to 100 feet. House to street only if the home has a main line cleanout designed for this purpose. Each additional drain costs $10.00. Each additional cleanout costs $20.00. Accessing roof vents is $20.00. First call back for a clog is free, additional call backs on slow drains are $15.00 each to cover transport cost. 12-month limit on callbacks. Callbacks are limited to slow or plugged drains and does not cover additional damage however caused. If Alltegra are called back under false information, or if the callback is for any other reason than slow or plugged drains an additional service charge will be applied. Additional work not . Any repair work requested by the client at the time of first service will be charged at $85 an hour and billed in 15-minute increments. Additional Jetting service is available upon request-additional charges will apply. Other services not listed may have additional fees. Maximum of 30 minutes will be used for additional repairs or work during a drain cleaning maintenance visit. Return visits for repairs and other work have a 1-hour minimum charge. Damage caused by our actions will be remedied by repairing or replacing the damaged part as needed. Guarantee is for one year if properly maintained by Alltegra. Any home system and its components will need to be replaced or repaired to be brought back to standard working order before any Alltegra guarantees or warranties can be put in force. Guarantees do not cover tree roots of any kind, foreign objects, broken pipes, or rusted and corroded pipes. Customer retains full ownership of their drain system and all household systems and must act responsibly for those systems. They should not put in the drains any non-dissolvable items, or improperly use by putting too much down the drain at once. For example, no potato peels or peels of any kind, fat, oil, or any setting substance.