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Is Alltegra in my area?

Alltegra is currently only in Orange County, CA, but we are expanding fast, so check back often or leave us a note and we will tell you when we get to you.

Do I have to buy a membership / do you do work for non-members?

Alltegra is a completely new way of working with home maintenance experts. We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure our customers receive tailored advice and exceptional value. Because of this, we are only a membership company. But the good news is you can join at any time. If you have an emergency, call us now and see how much better life is with Alltegra on your side.

What are callouts and how can I use them?

Callouts are credits for any trade or service and can be used at any time in the year.

Do I have to chose all my preventive maintenance services or callouts when I join?

No. You have a year to use them and you can chose what you need at any time.

When do you schedule preventive services? / How far apart are preventive services scheduled?

We work with you to perform all your maintenance services when and as you need them. In general, we advise our members to spread the services over the course of the year if they can. Our expert advisors will review your customized yearly plan with you after your complimentary Home Review.

How long does membership last?

One year.

What is included in the Worry-Free Home?

Whatever you need. This plan is created especially for your home and will be based on the results of your Home Review and conversations with you about your specific needs.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. However, be aware that you will be charged for any materials needed, and you may also be charged extra if your home is much larger than average—check individual services terms for details on the services page.

How do you deal with repair work?

Our preventive services are not designed to repair existing conditions and damage. We will let you know if additional work is required.

What does the guarantee cover? / is this the same as a warranty?

We only guarantee our work and not the systems themselves or any pre-existing conditions. This is not a warranty service or an insurance service and should not be treated as one. We will help you get the most from all your home’s components and systems and advise you when they might need replacing.

What if I don’t want a Home Review? Do I have to have a home review?

Of course you don’t have to have a Home Review if you don’t want one or think you need one. But Alltegra’s customized service works best when we are able to give you individual advice. If you’d like to opt out, just let us know when you sign up.

Who do you share my Home Review information with?

We don’t share your personal information with anyone and no one else can get access in any way. This includes your Home Review report.